Rental Policies

Delivery Policy

Most of our equipment can be transported by the customer. Delivery is available for all orders. Charges for delivery/pick-up are determined by the size of the order and the distance from our center.

Our delivery personnel is instructed to neatly stack all items in a mutually convenient place at ground level. Any other arrangements must be made in advance, with a special charge quoted if applicable. Tables and chairs will be delivered and stacked. They must be re-stacked and ready for pick-up after your event. There is an additional charge for set-up and knock-down. Additional charges will also be applied if articles are to be carted up or downstairs and more than a minimal distance. Special containers are provided to ensure that you receive your items sanitized, undamaged and, "table ready". Items must be returned sorted and re-packed in the same containers.

Pick-up Policy

All china, dinnerware, and glassware must be scraped or rinsed and free of food waste and re-packed in the same containers as delivered. Cutlery must be returned scraped or rinsed and sorted with knives together, forks together, etc. Tables and chairs must be folded, re-stacked, and ready for pick-up. As specified above, items not meeting these conditions are subject to additional fees.

Out of Town Deliveries/Pick-ups

We charge an additional kilometer rate and labor rate for the crew while driving to and from the site. Please call for an estimate.

After Hours Deliveries/Pick-ups

Additional charges apply when delivery or pick-up is required outside our normal business hours. Please call for an estimate.


Responsibility remains with the customer from the time of delivery or the time the equipment leaves our possession to the time of return to us. Please be sure equipment is secured and protected from the elements when not in use. We DO charge for missing items. Optional damage waiver (10% of rental equipment rate) will cover any accidental damage done to the equipment. The damaged items (or part of) must be returned to be eligible for coverage. The damage waiver will not cover missing or stolen items.

Items on this website are not always exactly as illustrated. Availability of items and pricing are subject to change without notice.